I graduated in Business Economics at LUISS University in Rome and I later obtained my doctorate in Business Economics and Management at Bocconi University.
My areas of scientific interest are focused on the Management of Business Information Systems, with reference to the estimation of performance deriving from the introduction of new technologies, the organisation and governance of digital technologies and innovation, the adoption and use of management information systems in the various production sectors, with a preference for the banking sector.
I was Research Scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management at the Center for Information System Research. I was then Research Scholar at the Decision and Information Science Department of the University of Florida.
I am currently responsible for Information Systems and Information Management courses at Bocconi University and I am in charge of various courses of the Master in Organization and Personnel (MOP) and the Master in Logistics and Transport Management (MEMIT).
I take part in several national and international research projects also funded by the Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research.
Over the years I have been the author of monographs and scientific articles about the impact of technological evolution on companies, which now fall under the broad cap of the so-called digital transformation.
According to the Google Scholar profile, in 2018 my H-Index was 15 with more than 1000 citations to my credit.


Some of my colleagues, international academics, with whom I collaborate in research and publications.

Vallabh Sambamurthy

Dean, Wisconsin School of Business

Marinos Themistocleous

Professor, University of Nicosia

Jan Mendling

WU Wien -Vienna University of Economics and business- (full professor)

Vijay Gurbaxani

Paul Merage School of Business, UC Irvine

Ravi Bapna

Professor, CarlsonSchool UMN

Vincent Mangematin

Dean and Chief Academic Officer chez KEDGE Business School

Tobias Kretschmer

Professor,  University of Munich

Zahir Irani

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic, Innovation and Quality) at University of Bradford

Muhammad Mustafa Kamal

Associate Professor in Supply Chain Management at Coventry University (Coventry Business School – School of Strategy and Leadership)


My publications are the result of research carried out with colleagues in my network, they are professors in many universities around the world. The valuable contribution of the young scholars who collaborate with me in the Research Centre is never lacking. The publications contain many references and pragmatic examples that derive from the constant presence "in the field" and "inside" the company.

Publication date 2016  Springer International Publishing

This book is the result of the last two years of research, where several people are worth to be acknowledged for their support, useful comments and cooperation. A special mention to Prof. Vincenzo Perrone at Bocconi University, Prof. Vallabh Sambamurthy, Eli Broad Professor at Michigan State University, and Prof. Franco Fontana at LUISS University as main inspiration and mentors.

Publication date 2015  Springer International Publishing Switzerland

This book aims to develop the strategic and organizational impacts of Big Data
and analytics for today’s digital business competition and innovation. Written by an
academic, the book has nonetheless the main goal to provide a toolbox suitable to
be useful to business practice and know-how

Publication date 2014, International Journal of Information Technology

Vargas J., Sellano A., Morabito V., Koimaditis K., Themistocleous M

Publication date 2014 Springer International

In this book we aim to discuss and present the main challenges and trends for the future of Digital Business Innovation to a composite audience of practitioners and scholars. Machine Intelligence, Wearable Technologies, Digital Currencies And Distributed Ledgers, Data Visualization, Digital Security, NeuroIS, Digital Transformation and IT Ambidexterity, Digital Business Strategy And IT Alignment, Innovation Practices
these publications are going to be part of the usual large body of knowledge together with journals such as, e.g., Management of Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ), Journal of Association of Information Systems-JAIS, Management of Information Systems Quarterly Executive (MISQE), Information Systems Research, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Information Technology, the Journal of Strategic Information Systems, and conferences such as International Conferences of Information Systems (ICIS), European Conferences of Information Systems-(ECIS), Americas Conferences of Information Systems (AMCIS), among others (just to mention the Management of Information Systems research sources), that this book aims to consider for identifying the challenges, ideas, and trends, that may represent “food for thoughts” to practitioners. Accordingly, each topic considered will be analyzed in its technical and managerial characteristics, also through the use of case studies and examples.

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