I have always needed to bridge the gap between the university research and the business world. I have tried to experiment “in the field” with the most concrete managerial models and the most challenging digital innovations, the heart of my academic activity. I have created two innovative realities, which are currently undergoing strong expansion: BTO Research and Hemeras Boutique House.


The first reality was born from an idea of 2004 that defines an innovative business model in the world of research: the creation of a “bridge” between the academy and the company in order to respond to the real needs of companies with a usable proposal and opportunities for continuous comparison, in a network full of thought and concreteness.

It is an independent Research Centre focused on the organizational levers necessary to make technologies usable with an eye on the future but a concrete attention to the readiness of companies, which accompanies and supports throughout the life cycle of innovation: Business (B) Technological (T), Organizational (O).

This model has focused on young and experienced creative and senior researchers in a strongly international-oriented perimeter.

Today BTO Research has become a dynamic International Research Programme that operates within the Open Innovation paradigm and has established a continuous relationship between universities and companies. BTO Research takes on the role of driving force in a creative network in which all innovation stakeholders participate.

BTO currently operates in Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, France and Austria with the aim of expanding further. BTO SpA employs over 350 employees, with an average age of 28 years with a team of under 35.

The reality has emerged as one of the youngest and most innovative companies on the European scene. Thanks to its principle of independence from the market, BTO boasts numerous partnerships throughout Europe with major financial and industrial companies.

In 2016 I was awarded the “Premio dei Premi” and the “Imprese per Innovazione” of Confindustria, received by the hands of President Mattarella. Since the same year I have participated in the Elite programme of Borsa Italiana.


In 2015 I decided to experiment with new digital services by creating a start-up operating in a particular sector, already full of competitors. I did it with an innovative offer model, changing the competitive dynamics in the sector and creating something that did not yet exist.

Hemeras Boutique House, in the hotel hospitality sector, offers a type of luxury experience alternative to that of a traditional hotel but accessible and complete with 360° services.

Hemeras has met its innovative challenge, created a discontinuity in the industry and enjoyed the benefits of the “first move”, creating a well-known brand, especially internationally. Its services are in demand by many, tourists and business travellers alike, offering over 90 facilities located in the most beautiful and dynamic cities in our country.

I decided to divest Hemeras in 2020, partly because of the Covid emergency. Now the brand continues to be synonymous with excellence in the industry. I have returned to digital transformation, to reinvent, right from the ground up, businesses.